Despite all the up to this point existing regular and humanity incited difficulties like environmental change, bugs and desert-grasshopper episodes, COVID-19 pandemic, and so on, the Government of the State of Eritrea has been exerting strenuous efforts to rationally exploit the country’s agricultural potential and ensure food and nutrition security The POLICY of the GoSE is to change conventional cultivating framework into current business cultivating framework and create energetic economy upheld by a far reaching exhibit of government offered types of assistance like, examination and expansion, administrative and warning administrations, preparing and instruction. The ranches around the large dams are calibrating their water system foundations to show present day business agribusiness that will in the long run advantage the young and draw in additional into cultivating organizations and vocation in the farming worth chain. Some among the numerous vital mediations that contribute towards food and sustenance security and advance the creation of nutritious agrarian (nourishment delicate farming) produce are the presentation of horticultural advances and the execution of atmosphere versatile Minimum Integrated Household Agricultural Package. The program has just assumed a major part in improving the work of its recipients and is spreading at a praiseworthy speed. Additionally, the backings to little and medium scale business ranchers center around offering specialized types of assistance, encouraging admittance to current information sources, credit openings, advancement of market foundation and making admittance to neighborhood and unfamiliar business sectors During this COVID-19 period, carefully watching the wellbeing conventions gave by WHO and Eritrea’s Ministry of Health, the administration permitted rural administrations to proceed. Customized transport administrations have been composed by the GoSE to move rural creates and contributions from and to ranchers’ focuses and market focuses to dodge food gracefully interruption and meet the agro-info and food requests of ranchers and shoppers and balance out the market. The administration is resolved to modernize horticulture and different sorts of agro-apparatuses (work vehicles, harvesters, join gatherers, balers, grower, etc).have been made sure about; Farm Machinery Service Centers set up in all the six zobas of Eritrea and are conveying administrations to most of the rustic ranchers at sensible costs. We are cooperating with our ranchers and laborers, most of the Eritrean country cultivating family units and every one of our accomplices. With most extreme affirmation of the “WFD Theme 2020”, the Ministry of Agriculture will endeavor hard to understand that “Food is the embodiment of life and the bedrock of our societies and networks. Saving admittance to sheltered and nutritious food is and will keep on being a fundamental aspect of the reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic, especially for low salary networks, who are hit hard by the pandemic. All in all, we might want to take note of that we are working intimately with the Ministries of Health, Marine Resource, Trade and Industry and the Standards Institution to address this issue of Food and Nutrition Security for all.