wedding is not a Private Affair

The dad, a Christian Nigerian, attempts to persuade his child, an advanced disapproved of youngster, why he ought not wed a young lady, whom he didn’t support. 

A marriage related clash frequently surfaces in Eritrean families, between youngsters and their folks, however the idea of the contentions are somewhat not quite the same as the contentions of the anecdotal characters of Mr. Achebe. 

In Eritrea, marriage is a family issue, and never a private issue, as the youngster in Mr. Achebe’s story wishes to accept, and no youngsters can get hitched without including their families. 

The contention a youngster has with his folks starts when they begin believing that he has arrived at an eligible age, and they attempt to convince him to get hitched and start a group. 

To put it plainly, youngsters nowadays wish to set aside cash, which they would prefer not to spend on lavish weddings, however on building a solid family. 

Youngsters are distinctly mindful of such costs, and don’t have any desire to burn through cash on things that may contrarily influence their future lives, despite the fact that the guardians take care of the tab. 

The guardians have an alternate origination of an ideal wedding. It is one in which everybody — family, the network — shares the delight, yet one that doesn’t consider the future wedded existence of the couple. 

Eritrean wedding greeting cards, which are given for the sake of the guardians, or the lucky man’s or the lady of the hour’s family, catch the shared idea of our weddings best. A typical greeting card, which communicates the guardians’ desires, goes as follows: “Ato So thus and his better half, Weizero So thus, welcome the organization of Ato or Weizero So thus in the day of berhanan abebanan on Such and Such Day at Such and Such spot.” Berhanan abebanan in a real sense implies our light and blossom. 

Youngsters who found each other need to illuminate their expectations regarding getting hitched and who they have picked as their life-accomplices to their folks, and through them, the network. 

His preferred man persuades his folks and requests that his folks send a shimagile, including his nearby family members, who visit the lady-to-be’s family and officially request their little girls’ hand in marriage.