‘We don’t want war with Ethiopia,’ Sudan’s Sovereign Council says

The representative of Sudan’s Sovereign Council, the momentary regular citizen military body which administers the nation, said that Khartoum “doesn’t need battle with Ethiopia,” in the midst of a continuous question along the 1600-km line between the two nations. 

Addressing Al-Arabiya on Friday, Mohamed Al-Fakki focused on that Sudan is “equipped for ensuring our properties and reestablishing those left with Ethiopia,” adding that his nation doesn’t look for either a direct or intermediary battle with Addis Ababa. 

“We just need our territory,” Al-Fakki clarified, adding that “the ejection of battle among Sudan and Ethiopia isn’t to the area’s advantage.” 

Al-Fakki, besides, featured that Sudan “entered the domains calmly,” and that “If Sudan needs war, we would have entered Al-Fashqa since the very first moment.” 

“For what reason would Ethiopia acknowledge to divide the boundary with Juba on premise of the 1902 arrangement and decline to have a comparable one with Sudan,” Al-Fakki inquired. 

A month ago, Sudan blamed Ethiopia powers and volunteer armies for assaulting Sudanese soldiers along the line, leaving four dead and in excess of 20 harmed. 

In December, Sudan’s Information Minister Faisal Saleh disclosed to Reuters that “our military will perform its responsibility to reclaim all our territory, right now our military has reclaimed somewhere in the range of 60 and 70% of Sudanese land.”