Water Resources Development in the Southwest Gash-Barka

Continuing inside and out investigations and plans, r dams have been built in the Gash-Barka district since 2003. The three significant dams built in the locale are Fanko-Tsumu’e, Gerset and Fanko-Rawi. 

Segen Construction Company, which had an involvement with the development of earth-fill dams, fabricated the dams in the Gash-Barka locale. 

Dawit Berhane, Project Hydrologist at Segen Construction Company, said that broad hydrologic considerations were completed before the development of the dams. The hydrological reviews completed in the Western marsh Development Zone center around incorporated turn of events, which decides dam building locales for better and multifaceted advantage. 

Thus, the choice for the development of earth-fill dams, rather than solid dams, in the Gash-Barka district was made considering the way that the catchment zones were more extensive in degree and appropriate for the monetary advancement of water assets. 

The three dams — Fanko-Tsumu’e, Gerset and Fanko-Rawi – were built as a component of the incorporated water asset advancement projects in the Western swamps and have catchment regions going from 137 to 140 sq. kms. Hydrologic considerations, broad geographical and topographical overviews alongside recognizable proof of materials required for the development of boundaries were made to outline the site and size of the dams. 

Fanko-Tsumu’e is situated in Haykota sub-zone, around 30 km southeast of Tesenai, and is the principal earth-fill dam to be developed in the area by Segen Construction Company. 

The development of the three dams in a zone set apart by flighty precipitation clears a route for the presentation of slow time of year water system frameworks, creature cultivation and the improvement of agro-businesses in the southwest Gash-Barka district. 

Completely mindful of the elements that may cause the earth-fill dams to fizzle, safeguards were taken in arranging, planning, siting and, for the most part, designing and security matters identified with dams, coordinated characteristic asset advancement just as sound development practice in an offer to broaden the life of the dams and to dispose of the conceivable harm that might be capable because of spillage. 

The dams have been built with the end goal of facilitating the difficulties of individuals living in the region and to intend them to get comfortable in one area and participate in farming by utilizing the water assets.