Vroomshoopse Snit (14) from Eritrea proud of NT2 certificate: ‘She never skipped an extra day’

For seven months, Snit Kbrom Tekle, in addition to her routine schedule at Noordik in Vroomshoop, also spent one hour of voluntary NT2 lessons (in Dutch) for non-native speakers every day. Successfully; the Eritrean got her certification this month. This is the first time in six years that the school has reissued the document.

She said that although Tigrinya is spoken in her hometown of Eritrean, it is easy to learn Dutch. She said: “I find the past tense of verbs very difficult.” Three years ago, she came to the Netherlands from Eritrea via Ethiopia with her mother and three sisters. Before leaving, she learned her first Dutch word from her father.  “He sent me words over the phone such as: good morning, good afternoon, numbers from 1 to 10, and the names for family members. 

The foundation for new life and learning a new language was paid at primary school het Palet in Vroomshoop. This school year Snit started the VMBO course BK at the Noordik in Vroomshoop. “Because she stayed in the Netherlands for a short time, the language was delayed,” said her mentor and supervisor Marnix Loeve. 

“We offered Snit an NT2 course, and she was very happy to participate. This meant an additional hour of class time per day on a voluntary basis. But Snit has never missed any day. During the more than seven months at Noordik Vroomshoop, she has completed all these tasks, which is an amazing achievement.

The NT2 course includes the following subject areas: word knowledge, school vocabulary and grammar. She is engaged in spelling, formula modules, punctuation and reading comprehension (verbs), and requires at least 60 % to obtain the Certification. Roy said: “Snit actions go far beyond that. 

“She also drew attention to practical reading and presentation skills.Using the latest topics from the media. After receiving the certificate, snit’s Dutch language level  is enough to establish a connection with regular language classes. Snit: “I am proud of achieving this goal. Now, I can help my family learn and translate Dutch.

Branch manager Patrick Wigman is also proud of this. He said: “Basic education is our main goal. “But you can do more with NT2.” Snit Kbrom Tekle, a seventh-grade student, has greater ambitions: “Later I would like to be a doctor” she said. And also get to know the Dutch culture better.