UNHCR says staff, Eritrean refugees safe for now but fears remain high

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said that the countless Eritrean exiles who are right now taking safe houses in Tigray area are not in impending peril from the current battling between the Ethiopian National Defense Forces and the powers of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front . 

In its most recent circumstance report, the UNHCR Ethiopian Office showed on Wednesday that Ethiopia is home to 178,315 Eritrean displaced people the nation over, equivalent to 22 percent of the all out populace of evacuees in Ethiopia. 

As per the report, 96,223 Eritrean exiles live in Tigray, protected chiefly in four outcast camps in the Western piece of Tigray Region including Shimelba , Mai-Aini , Adi-Harush and Hitsats camps which were set up somewhere in the range of 2004 and 2013. 

“There are additionally 8,424 exiles living in Tigray district profiting by the Government’s Out of Camp Policy, permitting displaced people to live in networks instead of just in camps,” the report expressed adding, “the excess Eritrean outcasts outside Tigray, 82,092, live predominantly in the nearby locales of Afar and in the capital Addis Ababa .” 

At present, there are 83 UNHCR staff in Tigray, including staff who were on mission in Shire at the hour of development limitations,” UNHCR Ethiopian office said. 

UNHCR, in organization with the Agency for Refugee and Returnee Affairs , UN offices and NGO accomplices, has been stretching out helpful help to more than 96,000 Eritrean outcasts who are generally shielded in evacuee camps and in the network in Tigray. 

Referring to the ongoing State of Emergency order, UNHCR revealed that its standard development and activity had been influenced despite the fact that its staff individuals and the dwelling exiles are alright until further notice.