UK ‘reneges on vow to reunite child refugees with families’

Unaccompanied youngsters in France are being told by the French specialists that they should surrender any desire for being brought together with family in the UK after the Home Office neglected to offer the assistance it had guaranteed. 

With the cutoff time to enter the UK legitimately and securely under the EU’s family reunification runs due to terminate toward the year’s end, the Home Office is blamed for reneging on its pledge to assist unaccompanied kids with rejoining in the UK. 

The Home Office had swore to rejoin families who applied before the 31 December cutoff time, with noble cause additionally saying they got confirmations that the UK would keep on rejoining families one year from now for cases acknowledged before the Brexit progress period finished. 

A week ago, French specialists, following conversations with the nation’s inside service, started telling kids and families that they couldn’t make a difference to rejoin with family in the UK. 

Beth Gardiner-Smith, the CEO of the foundation Safe Passage International, which assists with the exchange of unaccompanied minors to the UK, stated: “Unaccompanied kid displaced people in Europe have been left with simply broken guarantees and blurring any expectations of rejoining with family in the UK. 

Up until this point, Safe Passage knows about two families who have been told by French specialists that they couldn’t matter for family reunification, including a Kuwaiti Bidoon lady with three kids who is planning to rejoin with her significant other in the UK.In expansion, the cause is aware of 20 instances of unaccompanied kids and five families who are qualified to be moved to the UK however will be rejected except if the circumstance changes. 

Cases recognized in northern France and Paris incorporate 16 unaccompanied kids from Afghanistan who are looking to join family in the UK. 

Safe Passage is currently asking the UK government to make a prompt move to determine the issue and to help out France and the EU to help rejoin families.