Training for talented refugees who want to go to Radboud University. The UAF and Radboud University will sign a cooperation agreement for this on 5 October.

Talented refugees who want to study at Radboud University, but require additional training in certain areas, can receive a tailor-made program. These students will soon be better prepared for a university degree, which will enable a smooth start of their studies. The UAF and Radboud University will sign a cooperation agreement for this on 5 October.

For students with a refugee background, the step to Dutch higher education is often difficult to make, because they are used to a different educational system or because their curriculum does not exactly match the admission requirements. A preparatory tailor-made program, in which attention is paid to Dutch language skills, subject content, and academic study skills, increases the chance of a smooth study start.

Radboud University has set up such a program together with the UAF, after the university had already gained experience with bridging education. UAF finance a  portion of the tuition, materials, and travel expenses for the participating students because this preparatory education not covered by the student. 

‘I would like to continue with medicine’

Twenty-year-old Masa Hadros from Syria is one of the participants. Masa: ‘I studied medicine at the University of Damascus for two years and I really want to continue with medicine here.’ Masa fled Damascus in 2018, lives in Nijmegen, and learned Dutch in a short time. She has a little less time for her volunteer work in elderly care. She has a full study program with mathematics, chemistry, biology, and English. The medical specialist language will be added to the program from November, followed by study skills and physics. ‘Now I can mainly focus on the science subjects and the medical professional language that is important in the selection for Medicine. I hope to be admitted to the Bachelor of Medicine in a year’s time. ‘

UAF director Mardjan Seighali: ‘Refugee students are eager to continue their education. It is nice to see that many colleges and universities are setting up preparatory programs of this kind. I am particularly pleased that Radboud University bridges the gap between the knowledge and experience brought along and Dutch higher education. ‘


Daniël Wigboldus, President of the Board of Radboud University ‘Highly educated and talented refugees in the Netherlands deserve the opportunity to retrain and receive additional training so that they can acquire a social position that does justice to their capacities and motivation. Radboud University wants to contribute to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for everyone. From our background, we pay special attention to students and staff who are forced to seek refuge in our region. ‘

In addition to the tailor-made program, individual guidance is possible and all participants of the tailor-made program are linked to a buddy, a student from Radboud University who is following the training that the tailor-made students have in mind. The buddy couples receive training from the UAF so that both the refugee and the student of Radboud University can both get the most out of the buddyship.