Tragic Tales Of Eritrean Families: Mohammed Said Abdella

For those of you who fortunately don’t have anybody from your relative removed, simply do the accompanying to at any rate feel a small amount of the agony that the groups of the vanished Eritreans feel: quit calling or conversing with your friends and family for a year, two years, or five years! 

That is the manner by which I came to know Mrs. Kalthoum Ibrahim Mohammed, her incredible family and the excruciating everyday routine they experienced due to the shocking extremists of the Higdefites republic of Eritrea. 

Mohammed Said was a persevering individual and he worked day and night to fill his store to help his all-encompassing and developing family. 

From the old housemaid Adey Amete, who was with the family for over 20 years, to the road kids who didn’t have a family to help them, they all sob when they disclose to Mohammed Said’s accounts of incredible consideration to outsiders and his boundless compassion to help anybody paying little heed to their statement of faith, religion, clan or status. 

You can’t be liable for every one of these individuals?” But Mohammed was relentless, even in when business was not very great and the requests of his extending family was developing. Individuals who came from the wide open to Asmara, didn’t stress over food and lodgings on the off chance that they end up knowing “enda Mohammed said” whose house looked like a major inn with ten or twenty visitors dozing there at a time. 

Obviously, Mohammed came around 9 am to open his store; yet he was opening the screens, two men drew closer and asked him, “Are you Mohammed said?” 

The liberal business visionary, the sort hearted and devout family man, the sympathetic and God dreading Eritrean resident from Habero Sahel, Mohammed Said Abdella evaporated like a phantom; an extraordinary disaster and untold cataclysm fell upon his family. 

For the on edge and debilitated family, this appeared to be a breaking news and Kalthoum and her children will make a trip to Hagaz looking for Mohammed Said abdella, Ybba, as he was affectionately called by his youngsters. 

As a dear companion and a friend of the Mohammed Said family, I was thrilled by the extraordinary news however somewhere inside me I questioned its veracity; the twisted person, Godless and detestable Eritrean system could never do something like this—does the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia, the Nazis of Germany or Kim Jong Il of North Korea ever free any political detainee? 

Be that as it may, I didn’t give any indication of uncertainty and stood by restlessly with the group of the missing. Mohammed Said’s home was painted with new splendid tones, new floor covering was introduced, things were cleaned and coordinated; everybody was brimming with trust and in cheerful mood to invite Mohammed Said.