Tigray: What happened when Eritrean troops captured the refugee camps of Shimelba

As per an observer who was an Eritrean displaced person in the Shimelba camp in Tigray Eritrean soldiers entered the camp on 17 November at 14:00 hours. 

In the earlier days, from 15/11 to 17/11, individuals from the Hitsats exile camp went to the Shimelba displaced person camp. 

The Eritrean soldiers that entered Shimelba expressed on the 21th of November that “The Government of Eritrea pardons every one of you and you can return to your country.” They additionally revealed to us not to leave the camp, since we would be shot, murdered, says the observer: “any individual who goes outside will be our adversary and you should educate us in the event that somebody leaves the camp. 

We advised them “We would prefer not to go, on the off chance that we are to go, the Red Cross can take us, not the Eritrean Government.” The individuals from the Shemelba Refugee Committee gave them this message, so they were accused. 

At that point there was a check in time set by the Eritrean warriors, who were taking things forcibly from the shops in the camp and moving around in the camp. 

On the 25th of November, the administrator of the Refugee Committee was captured along with two different individuals from the panel, including two vocalists, said the observer. 

Six people close to zone 1 in Shemelba were murdered and 5 evacuees who had come from Hitsats were slaughtered and one Tigrayan who was in the camp. 

“On 17 December we were gathered, the last gathering to leave Shemelba” the observer states, “we were more than 300, the last gathering to be captured.