Three-way talks on Ethiopian dam reach a new impasse

Arrangements between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, in a long-running disagreement regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile, have arrived at another stalemate, the three nations said on Sunday. 

In any case, Egypt and Ethiopia, in independent proclamations, accused Sudanese issues with the system for the discussions for the new stalemate. 

Sudan said on Sunday it was concerned the dam could overpower its close by Roseires dam if an arrangement isn’t arrived at that would permit the nations to share information. 

Ethiopia said in an unfamiliar service explanation that notwithstanding beforehand demanding gatherings with the African Union specialists, Sudan protested their terms of reference and would exclude the specialists in the gathering, adequately stopping the discussions. 

a proposition which Egypt and Ethiopia have misgivings about,” Egypt’s unfamiliar service said in an assertion presented via online media. 

In its own assertion on state news organization SUNA, Sudan said it had a problem with what it said was a Jan. 8 letter from Ethiopia to the African Union expressing that Ethiopia was resolved to fill the repository for the second year in July with 13.5 million cubic meters of water, if an arrangement is reached. 

In its own assertion posted on the web-based media of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ethiopia said it “stepped up to the plate quickly to build up a compelling and complementary information trade system.”