The united states condemn Tigray forces’ attacks on Eritrea

The U.S. Express Department’s top representative for Africa on Sunday criticized assaults by Ethiopia’s defiant Tigray area on neighboring Eritrea. 

“The United States unequivocally denounces the TPLF’s outlandish assaults against Eritrea on November 14 and its endeavors to internationalize the contention in Tigray,” Tibor Nagy tweeted. “We keep on asking quick activity to ensure regular citizens, deescalate pressures, and reestablish harmony,” said Nagy, who is the U.S. Partner Secretary of State for African Affairs. 

On Sunday, the head of the Tigray district affirmed that his powers had terminated rockets at the air terminal in Eritrea’s capital, a significant heightening in a conflict between Tigrayan powers and the Ethiopian government troops that raises fears of a more extensive battle in the Horn of Africa locale.