The U.S. says reports of Eritrean troops in Ethiopia’s Tigray are ‘credible’

The United States accepts reports of Eritrean military contribution in the contention in Ethiopia’s Tigray locale are “solid,” a State Department representative told Reuters on Thursday, regardless of refusals by the two countries. 

“We know about dependable reports of the Eritrean military association in Tigray and view this as a grave turn of events. 

Reuters was first to cover Tuesday that the U.S. government trusted Eritrean troopers had crossed into Ethiopian region, successfully assisting Ethiopian With preparing Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration to fight a defiant northern power. 

Abiy won a Nobel Peace Prize a year ago for making harmony with Eritrea, yet the presence of Eritrean soldiers on Ethiopian soil would caution Western partners and danger further aggravating the contention. 

The State Department representative noted reports of denials of basic freedoms in Tigray. 

Ethiopia has denied Eritrea entered the contention, however Abiy said a week ago that some administration troops withdrew into Eritrea right off the bat in the contention and were given help. 

Abiy and Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki marked a harmony agreement finishing twenty years of threats in 2018 and now respect the Tigray People’s Liberation Front as a common enemy. 

The TPLF cases have killed and caught huge quantities of Eritrean soldiers in the most recent month, however has given no proof. 

Reuters, referring to strategic sources, wrote about Tuesday that Eritrean soldiers were accepted to have entered Ethiopia in mid-November through three northern border towns: Zalambessa, Rama and Badme. 

Mesfin Hagos, a previous Eritrean protection serve who broke with Isaias, said in an article for online distribution African Arguments that the Eritreans sent in four motorized divisions, seven infantry divisions and a commando detachment, referring to sources in the guard service, resistance and individual contacts.