The new black-owned app is designed to protect people from police brutality

The killing of George Floyd by the police remains recent within the minds of the Black community. His killing led to huge protests across communities within the U.S.calling for an end to police profiling and killing of minorities. 

In search of a comprehensive resolution to make Black individuals feel safe after they get force over, arrested, or confronted by the police, a Black-owned firm, WestMason, has return up with an app for minorities to guard themselves.

WestMason has launched a mobile app known as MyOneOne to provide a private security network created from the buddies and families of its users. The app is presently out there on android and iOS, consistent with Black Business.

Eric Mills, CTO of WestMason, in a Youtube video, explained how the app works.”Myonone is an app to permit minorities within the underserve the ability to make lifelines wherever groups of people or a group of loved ones that you just would love to contact in an emergence,” he said. 

“Say, you’re driving down the road and you get force over by the police, you’re feeling inconsistent, you’re feeling unsafe, you’re within the middle of obscurity and you do not know why you bought force over within the initial place, you’ll be able to merely tap the alarm button and it’ll bring up a listing of choices for you in an emergence. He additional explained that “if you’re feeling uncomfortable therein scenario, you hit the button, then your live stream is started from your phone wherever your loved ones or your lifeline is alerted, they recognize you’ve been forced over and a video automatically starts and that they will view it”. 

According to him, the importance of application is that “you know you are not alone”. With the application, users can: Create and maintain a lifeline of friends and family. Notify your lifeline when you find yourself in dangerous situations. Live stream from your device to your lifeline. The video is saved in a safe place for later review. Send location information to your lifeline. Contact emergency services with the same information as your lifeline. Along with health information and profile picture.