The launch of the book “My Struggle in the Eritrean Liberation War”, diaries of the martyr, the leader, Hengla

The family of the martyr Idris Hengla printed his book, which was left by the martyr leader Idris Hengla in the form of a draft printed on a typewriter, ready and removed with his special gifts to the Eritrean people and for generations that will read the history of the Eritrean revolution and the heroic struggle of the Eritrean people. The book comes under the title “My Struggle in the Eritrean Liberation War: Diaries of the Martyr Idris Hengla” in cooperation with the Center for Studies of the Horn of Africa in editing and revising the material to ensure that the academy of the material presented and the truth of the historical narration presented through it.

On the evening of September 20, 1985 AD, the forces of treachery and treachery infiltrated the city of Kassala to assassinate the martyr Commander Idris Hengla in a long series that targeted the leaders and cadres of the Eritrean Liberation Front.

In a series to obliterate the existence of the Eritrean Liberation Front from existence, where the PFLP, with the alliance of the Uyani forces, struck the Eritrean Liberation Army in battles that lasted for months, the Eritrean Liberation Army and the front from withdrawing into Sudanese territory to catch its breath, arrange its ranks, evaluate its performance and then return to the homeland.

The Popular Front continued to pursue and pursue the Eritrean Liberation Front cadres and leaders inside Sudan through an assassination squad designated for this purpose. It has taken from the insecurity of the security situation in eastern Sudan and the spread of corruption to move freely.

In this regard, this assassination squad was launched from the assassination of the martyr leader Saeed Saleh, the martyr Haila Qarza, the martyr Commander Idris Hengla and the martyr Commander Mahmoud Hassab.

We have always talked a lot about the documentation and preservation of our struggle and patriotic heritage from this podium. It is our pleasure to see this day being collected in these diaries to become an aid for future generations. We take this opportunity to thank the family of the martyr Hengla and affirm our determination to continue the struggle until the dawn of true freedom in Eritrea.