The government of Ethiopia offers reward for intel on fugitive Tigrayan leaders

Ethiopia is offering a 10 million birr prize to anybody with data on the area of outlaw heads of the defiant power in the northern district of Tigray, the public authority said on Friday. 

The prize to help catch heads of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front was declared on state-run telecaster EBC and later tweeted by the public authority’s team on the Tigray emergency. 

TPLF pioneers, accepted to stow away in the mountains since the capital of the district was caught by government powers on November 28, have said that they are retaliating. 

A great many individuals are accepted to have been killed and almost 1,000,000 fled their homes during air strikes and ground fights in Tigray a month ago. 

Ethiopia, host to the African Union central command, is a political heavyweight in an unstable area and its soldiers are esteemed for their administration in peacekeeping missions in Somalia and South Sudan. 

Government troops held onto Tigray’s capital Mekelle on November 28 and now control the principal towns in the district. 

Although some force and phone joins were reestablished recently in Mekelle after a virtual interchange power outage since the government hostile started on November 4, the district remains to a great extent cut off from the world.