The Final Hours of Ethiopia’s TPLF Regime

With their military demolished and their last, best soldiers cleared out in one morning on the edges of their capital Mekele the last leftovers of the administration of Ethiopia’s TPLF system had to withdraw to the mystery Hagarasalam underground dugouts close to the capital. 

At the point when their adversaries, the Ethiopian armed force, encircled them there the TPLF mafia capos got away through a mystery 300 meter long passage and in a real sense set out toward the slopes, the closest mountainside, to cover up. 

With smoke actually ascending from pits in the mountainside, the hyenas, “zigbee” in Tigrinya, first language of the TPLF, were out chasing their supper. 

Within a couple of days the site of the last hours of the TPLF system was picked clean and the solitary thing left of the worst thing about current Ethiopia was hyena skat spread across the mountainside. 

With the TPLF, the most dreaded system in eastern Africa, presently gone for good harmony can break out and the long overdue revamping of an autonomous, confident, in the end prosperous Ethiopia can start. 

At the point when a people who were once most popular for starvation and war better their lives the remainder of Africa have a “danger of a genuine model” that can’t be overlooked. 

At that point the neo colonialists who rule Africa under the front of the EU will not, at this point have the option to loot constantly our landmass, not, at this point have the option to purchase the help of their populaces with a rich way of life by draining Africa dry. 

For how might they proceed as they have without the taken abundance of Africa, to pay off their kin and prop up their inexorably tested systems?