The EU provides support to improve Eritrea’s food security and farmer’s income

Toward the start of 2019, the EU dispatched four years’ task in Eritrea to help improve food security and offer better income to participating farmers. The venture, actualized through the Eritrean-Irish Development Partnership with help from the Eritrean Ministry of Agriculture and the National Agricultural Research Institute, centers around three significant staple harvests: wheat, sorghum, and potato. 400 grains makers and 100 potato producers in Maekel, Debub, and Anseba locales are legitimately profiting by the task. As a major aspect of the venture, farmers are furnished with high-yielding and strong potato seed that empowers them to duplicate their creation and hence, additionally their income. This high return seed is being spread over the good countries to expand the number of networks/towns, which are utilizing and profiting by it.