The departure of the militant ambassador Adhanom Tomb of Mariam

The militant and Ambassador Adhanom Mariam left the United States last Friday after a long march in the Eritrean struggle to liberate Eritrea and resist dictatorship in Asmara.

The deceased joined the Eritrean revolution with his generation in the early 1970s with the People’s Liberation Forces and is considered one of the founders and leaders of the Popular Front. Throughout the armed struggle, he struggled in various advanced leadership positions without being distracted.

After liberation, the prosecutor’s position and then the ambassador of the State of Nigeria were recalled, announcing that he had abandoned his position in favour of the people’s struggle for a state of law and democracy. He participated with his colleagues in the founding of the Democratic Party, and then in the Eritrean People’s Movement, actively contributed to the Eritrean Democratic Alliance conferences and all Eritrean opposition activities.

May God rest his soul and all the condolences of his family and friends.