The departure of the militant Ahmed Qass.

Al-Naai mourned on all social media sites the activist, intellectual and researcher Ahmed Qass, who passed away on the 8th of Qabriir in London after suffering a severe illness.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Sayed wrote on a Facebook page enumerating the abilities of the deceased and his interest by saying: “My first meeting with Mr. Ahmed Qass was in the late 1980s at the home of the militant Mohammed Osman Sayegh in London and since then we have been in constant contact discussing the eritrean public affairs in general and private For what he knew about my great love for my nation, my continued interest in its affairs and the risks it has faced over a long time and from three axes: unjust governments in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Yabuti (Djibouti), the tight blockade, and systematic exclusion… I had the privilege of assisting my professor in the creation of the AFA-Afar Federal Alliance, about 18 years ago, where we were issuing statements and writing articles to hear the voice of The Afrikaans in all Eritrean and international forums, including at the Brussels Conference on the Convergence of Policies of the European Union and the United States of America in the Horn of Africa, held at EU Headquarters on November 8-9, 2009.”

Mr. Shawky Abdullah also mentioned his

struggle biography,

including The Qattif: Born in Puri in Dinkalia – he joined the Eritrean Liberation Front and was one of the founders of the Front office in Sana’a, Yemen in 1976 and entered (field) through the Region of Dinkalia (1977-1981) and served as a representative of the Military Office of the Military Front in Yemen (1982-1984).


– Holds a Diploma in Development and Politics from The University of East Anglia in Britain and a Master of Social Development from Reading University in Britain.