The departure of labor activist Adam Idris Hassari

Work dissident Adam Idris Hassari left on Wednesday, January 6, in Cairo, Egypt, where he showed up on a treatment trip, the perished of the pioneers of the Eritrean work and worker’s guild battle inside the positions of the Eritrean Liberation Front, which he joined early, 

Since the 1970s, the General Union of Eritrean Workers has been working in the General Union of Workers of Eritrea. 

He went through a high level worker’s guild course in the Syrian Arab Group in Damascus in 1976. He worked in different work aggressor positions. 

In the previous years he has worked inside the positions of the National Constants Front and the equivalent in the Eritrean majority rule strife, yet the solicitation for exception for his wellbeing and family conditions. 

God favors the dispossessed aggressor and move his family, siblings and allies for tolerance and great comfort.