The death of the director of the Eritrean Commercial Bank, and a lack of fuel

 Eritrean journalist Yusuf Polisi confirmed that the former head of the Eritrean commercial bank, activist Yamani Tsfaye, has died in the past few days inside the prison “Karcelli” in the capital Asmara after suffering a long suffering from the disease and as a result of his lack of access to the necessary health care.

According to sources from the capital Asmara, “reports from time to time of the death of a large number of detainees who were placed for long periods in prisons and detention facilities throughout the country, without charges being brought against them or brought to trial,” according to his Facebook page.

The former director was arrested in 2015 on charges of “corruption” without judicial proof and released a statement for several months to return to the detention facility in 2016 until the date of his death.

On the other hand, informed sources in the Eritrean capital Asmara confirmed that the security authorities circulated strict directives for all public and private transport vehicles entering the capital to leave the capital before 6 p.m. daily, otherwise they will be subjected to detention and fines, as revealed by the same sources to “Adulis” about the suffering of the country from the suffering of the country of the apparent scarcity of fuel and all petroleum derivatives, which contributed to the reduction of the movement of population between cities and the country throughout the country, in addition to the expected impact on horticultural products.