The croaking of our time and the defect in us

Through this idea I needed to address some significant issues, and on top of these issues the unstable circumstance in the neighboring nations of Eritrea, particularly Ethiopia and Sudan and the effect on Eritrea and its kin, as everybody realizes that the despot Isaias has connected with Eritrea in the ethiopian inside clash for its own objectives, and it is obvious from the outcomes before us now that the assessments of the dictator and his partner Dr. Abi Ahmed depend on the dreams and deceptions of ownership of intensity and They can force a done deal, yet the truth on the ground was distinctive to those assessments, as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Reading is as yet battling and in any event, enrolling day by day triumphs on them and that the fight region is growing persistently, in light of the fact that the fight for perusing a skirmish of presence and in our assessment will be drawn out and the outcomes will be positively heartbreaking and all the examinations demonstrate the quiet submission of Abi Ahmed to the interest for exchange with the authority of the area that he said is finished and that the fight has driven its targets and that was declared its end. 

Concerning the despot Isaias partner Abe Ahmed in the event that he isn’t the fundamental troublemaker to light the fight, has placed the nation in the test and will be prepared for his activities numerous issues, which will be the first to contact him and end a dim time with the fall of his system, however after the Eritrean public lost the best children, the number has allegedly surpassed many what it lost in the clashes of freedom, and the exit of comparable numbers from the hover of activity because of lasting or impermanent block. 

It is additionally lamentable that the clan has its head in the 21st century, and the division of society into 9 ethnicities by the system. 

Its point is to develop the distinction between the social parts, realizing that the Eritrean public are comprised of Muslims and Christians, and there was no issue between the two segments and society was coinciding and all remained with the upset and martyred their children together to oust the unfamiliar colonizer from their country to build up a public request in which he lives unreservedly and calmly. 

Indeed, even the contentions of the self-assurance stage, in which most Christians were strong of the task of getting Ethiopia and Muslims together with the public undertaking and requesting the freedom of Eritrea with the presence of a gathering of Muslims who were requesting allotment, yet this was outperformed by the foundation of the Union for the Preservation of the Eritrean substance, subsequently, the new reality that has been raised by the acts of the dictator and the We are in clashes in which we don’t reserve the option to another soul of resistance and public trade-off, to remain behind the public venture and to give all that we have to achieve a genuine change in Eritrea by removing the despot and his pack and tossing them into the dustbin of history and finishing a dull period spoke to by Isaias and his group, who double-crossed the exemplary saints.