The Army of the Eritrean government have been carrying out raids, arrests and assaulting families in the north of Afar Al-Ahmar region in a large-scale

Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. watching Regional Issues. Statement by Afar Al-Red ocean for Human Rights, relating to the capricious arrests of a variety of mothers and kids in, Qalalou Directorate, north of Afar Al-Red ocean Region. The authorities of the Eritrean regime continue their continual attacks and aggressive policies against Afar voters in a very number of districts in the Afar Al-Red ocean region, narrowing them down and continued practices of group action and made displacement against them, together with siege, starvation, and arrests capricious aimed toward removing them from existence in several designs and agenda. Recently, the safety forces and army of the Eritrean government are completing capricious raids and arrests involving entire families in Qalalou district, north of Afar Al-Ahmar region, specifically large-scale arrests involving many families within the space ) Qalalo district in the morning of the sixth of this October 2020 The oppressive authorities have taken seven families consisting of youngsters and mothers, a number of whom are pregnant in recent months to the jail of the town of Sanafi below the pretext of feat their husbands, and our organization has monitored the amount of detained children and also the names of the inactive mothers as follows:-

1-Halima Muhammad A Ismail

2-Fatima Muhammad Abu Baker.

3-Khamisi Ali Abu Bakr.

4-Eve Muhammad Abu Baker.

5-Aisha Saleh Adam vi-Radha Abdullah, with 3 of her children girl and 2 sons, all below the age of 6

Afar sea Organization for Human Rights confirms that the oppressive Eritrean authorities are completing unhealthy and cruel measures against mothers and kids arrested, and violates each day, deliberately, consistently and over long years since they condemned power, the rights of Afr voters and also the rights of youngsters and mothers, silence on these deliberate and continual rights violations, that quantity to crimes against humanity, are discharged by the oppressive authorities and continue their policy aimed toward eliminating Afar sea folks in Eritrea. thus we tend to renew our decision and call upon all regional and international organizations and also the international community to discharge their responsibilities and to hurry up all the mandatory ways in which and actions to prevent these inhuman practices and place pressure on the Eritrean authorities; no Obligate it to stop group action and made displacement policy, targeting mothers and children, stop exemption policy, commit it to any or all international charters and human rights instruments, and instantly unleash all detainees in Eritrean prisons, particularly youngsters and girls of them unconditionally.

Afar Red Sea Organization for Human Rights