Tesfahiwot Okubes restaurant brace for the cold as a COVID-19 winter looms

The pandemic has presented a mixed bag for restaurants; some have closed their doors indefinitely, while others are preparing to open for the first time. It was in the camp that he operated a small restaurant.” Almost 16 years and 6 months I have not been home,” said Okube. In February EthioEritrea landed on CNN’s list for the top 20 best new restaurants in the world.” It was very busy,” said Okube. They never recovered the high demand they enjoyed earlier in the year.” At that time we had plans to extend the restaurant but at this time there is no business,” said Okube. He’s worried that winter weather will cut off the few customers he relies on at the moment from making the trip to his restaurant.” I do not know, what can I do?” said Okube, “Our hope is that COVID will go away and our business is going up, but we do not know for the future”. Just a few minutes around the corner on James Street, another restaurant is looking at the inclement winter season without worry.” We keep moving forward, all forward, and it’s going great so far,” said Shane Rattigan, owner of Jamaica Cuse. Customer demand was the push he needed to open up his own brick and mortar restaurant. He opened up Jamaica Cuse in July of 2020 in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. He said the demand is there for his food, and things are going smoothly.”As long as you got the food, the quality food, the pandemic will never stop it.,” said Rattigan. He does not see an issue for his restaurant in the winter. While he has outdoor seating options, that is not what he relies on; for Jamaica Cuse, delivery and takeout orders are driving business. They are hoping to be able to utilize their outdoor dining options for as long as possible.” We are going to do as best as we can,” said Mary Anne Stella, the restaurant’s general manager.

Source: https://cnycentral.com/station/syracuse-restaurants-brace-for-the-cold-as-a-covid-19-winter-looms