Tedros Berhane hopes there comes a time when we can achieve greatly in the art industry

Tedros Berhane is a youthful Eritrean entertainer whose name has been sparkling among Eritrean fans.Stirring his way up, Tedros has acted in numerous Eritrean element movies, plays, and TV serials.

  • How did you start Acting? 

As a youngster, I used to be keen on playing and working with specialized stuff. I discovered the art industry to be tremendous and somewhat testing, particularly since I got into it with no preparation. However, working with the specialists and supporting each other made it simpler.

  • When was your first introduction to the public?

My first appearance on the stage was in 2008 at the third National Youth Festival in Sawa. It was the 30th commemoration of the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students and the graduation of the 21st round of students at Sawa, which made it more earth-shattering.

Working in those motion pictures gave me encounters as an artist. Later on, I began filling in as a lead entertainer in numerous plays. I at long last offered it to Dr. Sweet who has consistently urged me to compose my own materials. For example, we experienced numerous difficulties in shooting Nugus Chakla (ruler of the wilderness). Dr. Sweet widened the thought and composed the content.

  • Eritrean movies and artists you admire.

I appreciate every single Eritrean actor. I can name many — Ftsum Teklu, Aman Badsha, Simon Men Ketebo, and numerous others are a portion of the extraordinary craftsmen, I accept. In any case, I have a unique respect for Samsom Tekie. Motion pictures I could never become weary of viewing are Barud 77, Eta Ade, Tsinat, Afro, Azmarino, and Telime Diye.

  • A Tip to young Eritreans.

Art is a calling that has incredible worth, if and just in the event that you buckle down on it. I trust there comes when we can accomplish incredibly in the art industry. I might want to remind the young to have an objective and continue buckling down.