Taste Africa! New Ethiopian And Eritrean Restaurant Opens Its Doors In Heart Of Gżira

Another and brilliant café has opened in the core of Gżira serving a true blend of Ethiopian and Eritrean hand crafted food. 

Afro Deli and Coffee has recently opened its entryway with a bunch of diverse dishes seldom seen on the Maltese islands. 

A portion of their more mainstream dishes incorporate normal Ethiopian toll like injera, tibs and berbere. 

Despite the fact that great many miles from home, the eatery adheres to its Ethiopian roots, serving a mix of neighborhood dishes that shiver the taste buds and leave one inquisitive for additional. 

Afro Deli and Coffee likewise obliges an assortment of dietary necessities including veggie lovers going from hot lentil stew to Ethiopian simmered chickpeas. 

Different dishes on the menu accompany a primary of chicken, sheep or fish served in a blend of stews, rice and obviously, the previously mentioned generally Ethiopian and Eritrean acrid aged flatbread known as injera. 

The concealed eatery likewise serves the exceptionally famous and sought after Ethopian espresso, esteemed across the globe for its profound flavor and wine or chocolate-like taste and flower fragrance. 

You may be hesitant to travel abroad during these occasions however you can in any case experience East Africa here in Gżira.