State pins UPDF officer on the murder of Eritrean businessman

Capt Bumali Mangeni, aka Akeem, together with two civilians Benon Duncan Lumu and Andrew Kisitu are charged with murder, kidnap with intent to murder, and aggravated robbery of Daniel Michael Weldu, who was once abducted from Kololo in Kampala on October 27, 2016.

The prosecution evidence presented at trial states that Capt Mangeni and his co-accused allegedly first robbed Weldu of money and property which covered a Toyota Prado worth more than Shs200m.

The evidence presented in court by State attorney Jonathan Muwaganya shows that on October 27, 2016, while at his Nakumat office with his brother Michael Teagas Okuba Weldmmariam, the deceased acquired a cell phone name and thereafter informed his sibling that he was heading to the German Embassy in Kololo.

He known as the deceased’s domestic in Muyenga and was advised the deceased had

Prosecution states that after the deceased left his domestic with the strangers, he referred to as every other brother Isaac Weldu and advised him to go to his house in Muyenga to pick a cheque of Stanbic Bank and take it to him at Housing Finance Bank in Kololo.

After delivering the cheque leaf, the deceased told his brother to go, promising to call him in case of something else,” the prosecution indictment reads in part.

The household was once interviewed and detectives obtained smartphone printouts of Weldu’s name history and identified the last range that regularly called him from Kololo Hospital and Golf Course before the kidnap.

According to the prosecution, detectives discovered that it’s the equal sim card Mr Lumu used to name and lure Weldu to Kololo, the place he used to be kidnapped. 


Upon cross examination, Capt Mangeni admitted to the abduct and murder of the Eritrean financial specialist, as per the indictment proof. 

Mr Andrew Kisitu was captured when he visited Capt Mangeni and Lumu at the Special Investigations Unit in Kireka.