Southport Against Racism: are a group of people offering helping hands to migrants and refugees

A benevolent gathering of individuals called into a Southport lodging with hot suppers for the displaced people remaining there. 

They were then moved to then observe the exiles take food out to provide for vagrants on the town’s roads. 

The companions were all individuals from the new Southport Against Racism Facebook gathering, which was framed in June with the proverb of “having any kind of effect”. 

Nadia Speers-Robinson from Southport Against Racism stated: “A little more than about fourteen days back we were made mindful of a circumstance with respect to the state of the food. 

As everybody remaining at the inn had taken their allotted offer, the courteous fellow I am in contact with willingly volunteered to circulate the rest of the bits among the vagrants of Southport, as he needed to impart it to the individuals who likewise have nothing.” 

Nadia Spears Robinson has driven a fabulous task and the sort hearted individuals of Southport couldn’t hold on to help. 

Since the outcasts showed up in Southport there have been times when protestors have remained outside the inn windows, holding pennants and requiring the exiles to be expelled. 

Katrina stated: “There are some misguided, biased individuals who regularly remain close to the lodging yelling through speakers that exiles are not gladly received here. 

The Southport Against Racism bunch has a lot more things it needs to do in the town. 

A month ago the gathering composed a little, socially separated meeting in Southport town focus, which was sorted out by bunch administrator Laura Lunn-Bates.