sophomore Awet Beraki helped Fifth-ranked T-Bird men win back-to-back titles

EL DORADO – Add another obstacle cleared to the rundown of things the number five positioned Cloud County Community College men’s cross country group has defeated this season as the T-Birds won their second continuous NJCAA Region VI Division I and KJCCC West Division titles at the 2020 NJCAA Region VI Championships in El Dorado, Kansas on Friday. 

Having made program history a year ago on the way to their first public title, Cloud County had the option to meet up as a group on Friday regardless of having just a single sprinter back from a year ago’s set of experiences making crew to prevail over the 10-group field in the Division I race by getting done with 37 focuses, 27 focuses in a way that is better than runner up and fourth-positioned Hutchinson Community College. 

“The hindrances and difficulties this group has defeated is an enormous demonstration of how much this group has developed consistently and turned into a family that genuinely thinks about one another while taking the necessary steps to improve the group. 

The fervor would start for the T-Birds before the race even began as sophomore Awet Beraki would and the group would be informed of his qualification difficulty waiver getting affirmed only 30 minutes before the beginning weapon, giving the T-Birds a 6th sprinter unexpectedly this season.The local of Eritrea would take advantage of the chance, going out and procuring a NJCAA Region VI Individual title with a period of 24:24.56 to establish the pace for the remainder of the T-Bird sprinters. 

“I wasn’t hoping to race today, yet getting the news 30 minutes before the race that I can contend and having the group advertised up about the news indicated me exactly the amount we’ve met up as a group,” said Awet Beraki. 

“The fervor unquestionably helped as exhaustion set in during the last mile, yet realizing that I haven’t hustled throughout the season and how much a solid completion would intend to the group certainly helped push me through the end goal.”