Slaughtered like chickens’: Eritrea heavily involved in Tigray conflict, say eyewitnesses

 Recently the previous leader of Tigray, Debretsion Gebremichael, blamed Eritrean powers for mass plundering. Before that he affirmed Tigrayan powers were battling off Eritrean divisions on a few fronts. 

Notwithstanding, his administration recognizes that Ethiopian soldiers who disappeared to Eritrea toward the beginning of the war were helped by Eritreans who took care of, dressed and equipped them before they got back to the battle in Tigray. 

Reuters, which met a few unidentified ambassadors in the locale and a US official, uncovered recently that the US government trusted Eritrean fighters had crossed into Ethiopian region in mid-November through three northern bordertowns: Zalambessa, Rama and Badme. 

Wallelegn, a Tigrayan working in Shire when the war started who later ran away to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, told the Guardian that the “Eritreans were truly driving the Ethiopian powers in the territory”. 

A senior UN authority told the Guardian they had gotten comparable claims, including of the slaughtering of three safety officers utilized by the UN at Hitsats camp who attempted to forestall the kidnapping of evacuees, and the constrained enrollment of exiles to battle close by the Eritrean armed force. 

On 11 December, the top of the UN displaced person organization said it had gotten an “staggering” number of reports of Eritrean outcasts in Tigray being killed, kidnapped or coercively got back to Eritrea over the previous month. 

That very day Ethiopian specialists began placing Eritrean displaced people in Addis Ababa on transports and returning them to Tigray without wanting to. 

As of late, as indicated by an exile situated in Adi Harush camp, south of Hitsats, Eritrean fighters joined by Ethiopian soldiers have watched the camp on the chase for people. 

Meron Estefanos, head of the Eritrean Initiative on Refugee Rights, noticed that not all claims including Eritreans are conceivable. 

“I am weary of the way that, regardless of the number of Eritreans state that Eritrean soldiers are in Tigray, it isn’t affirmed until an unfamiliar ambassador says it is.”