Shifting power centers drive Ethiopia into endless wars

Generally, socially and as far as convention and strict practices, no African nation is more prominent than Ethiopia. 

It is the solitary nation in Africa that was never a state, and has facilitated the base camp of the Organization of African Union/African Union since its introduction to the world on May 25, 1963. Ethiopia, referred to in old occasions as Abyssinia gave asylum to the soonest Muslims when they confronted obliteration in the Arab Peninsula. Prophet Muhammad told the Muslims: “If you somehow happened to go to Abyssinia , for the ruler won’t endure shamefulness and it is a cordial nation, until such time as Allah will alleviate you from your misery.” So in 615 AD, the main gathering of Muslims fled to the Christian Kingdom of Axum and were given safe house by King Ashama ibn Abjar. 

So Ethiopia was the principal nation in Africa where Islam flourished. 

Menelik which signifies “Child of a Wise Man” who established the Ethiopian Empire in the tenth Century BC, professed to be the result of the King Solomon – Queen of Sheba relationship. 

Likewise, the experience between Evangelist Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch highlighted in the Acts of the Apostles where the previous broadly asked: “Do you comprehend what you are perusing?” The Ethiopian Bible, which is around 800 years more seasoned than the King James Version is acknowledged as the most established in mankind’s set of experiences. 

Ethiopia was never colonized primarily in light of the fact that its military, driven on the combat zone by Queen Etege Tayitu Bitul, spouse of Emperor Menelik II in March, 1896 crushed the 20,000 Italian armed forces driven by General Baratieri at the acclaimed Battle of Adwa. 

Albeit Italy, under Benito Mussolini attacked Ethiopia from 1936-1941, it could neither vanquish nor colonize the nation. 

Regardless of quite a rich and gallant past, Ethiopia effectively slides into ridiculous and avoidable wars incompletely on the grounds that the individuals who hold the reins of influence at some random time, decline to run a government framework which is generally appropriate for a global nation like Ethiopia with eighty distinctive ethnic gatherings.