Seyoum Mesfin has accused Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of allowing Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki to “rape Ethiopia”

Previous Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin has blamed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for permitting Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki to “rape Ethiopia” under the pretense of participation. In a meeting with Tigray Mass Media Agency, Seyoum expressed the sending of Eritrean security powers in the Ethiopian soil against the sway of the country trying to purify the tradition of the Tigray People Liberation Front. Seyoum Mesfin who called Abiy Ahmed as “previous Ethiopian Prime Minister,” affirming the finish of his term in office, said Abiy is misguidedly administering the nation and satisfying his own inner self. He called for the foundation of the “transitional government” defending that the administration finished its term so did the House of Federation and House of People Representatives as an exit from “profound political emergency Ethiopia is in”.”Ethiopia is in profound emergency and it remains at the junction. The Ethiopian people including the individuals who are in power have confronted loads of vulnerabilities. I don’t think the pioneers realize what they are doing and what they will do. He said Abiy has submitted conspiracy by permitting Egypt to negotiate on Ethiopia’s common possession rights over the Nile waters rather than the situation of the previous government that the arrangement ought not to be on water sharing however on the designing and safety of the dam. As indicated by the previous former foreign minister, Abiy should consent to Trump’s started arrangement that was drafted by Egyptian specialists had it not been for the alert Ethiopian researchers kept in touch with him that the understanding could surrender Ethiopia’s authentic directly over the Nile. A couple of months prior Seyoum was cited as saying that the offense supposedly dedicated by the previous chief general of military conglomerate Major General Kinfe Dagnew for stealing billions of birr was aminor’ when contrasted with the injustice Abiy has made against the people of Ethiopia. Seyoum asserted the connection between Ethiopia and Eritrea has not improved aside from the proceeded “honeymoon and love affairs” and exchange of visits between the two leaders. He said there have not been any free development merchandise and individuals among Ethiopia and Eritrea and nobody has profited by the nonaggression treaty the two leaders marked in 2018. Abiy won the 100th Nobel Prize for the advancement he figured out how to standardize the relations among Eritrea and Ethiopia. The two leaders, notwithstanding, made a shared adversary and attempting to purge the tradition of the EPRDF especially that of TPLF in a half year, in spite of the fact that their objectives didn’t succeed, he included. Seyoum further reprimanded the current international strategy of Ethiopia without an unmistakable guide, systems, and strategies and neglecting to address the issues of the Ethiopian public. Seyoum likewise minimized redesign of the royal residence and the development of Entoto Park that have been embraced by Prime Minister Abiy to decorate Addis Ababa and encompassing areas.”Ethiopia’s need ought not to be the remodel of the castle and development of recreation leisure parks in Addis Ababa and close by mount Entoto while in excess of 30 million Ethiopians are living under the poverty line.” Butter and bread ought to be the need to the individuals of Ethiopia,” he included.