Serejeka – Gindae Asphalt Road Renovated, Expanded

The asphalt road that associates Serejaka with the Gindae sub-zone, ordinarily known as the “Semanwi Bahri” route, is being remodeled and extended. The roadway has been somewhat harmed because of hefty downpour and avalanches and that remodel action has been done throughout the previous two months, the report included. Berhane Hailu, the top of the venture said that the errand incorporates the development of narrow roads, clearing waste trench, ducts, and under scaffolds, just as the development of preoccupation channels among others. Through the apparatus upheld street work that is being directed in collaboration with individuals from the EDF units, portions of the thruway going through Selemuna and Filfil has been fixed and that more than 25 under extensions have been cleared, Mr. Omer Yahiya, overseer of the Gindae sub-zone expressed that the roadway has a huge part in creating the travel industry and supports speculation as it crosses through the Semenawi Bahri public reservation park.