Scrounge based dairy creation guided in Debarwa Sub-zone

A forage primarily based dairy venture which is being piloted in Dubarwa Sub area of the Southern Region has delivered best consequences to beneficiary farmers.

According to Mr. Ermias Kflay, Coordinator of the community based dairy mission and Animal Production Researcher in the National Agricultural Research Institute , the pilot assignment commenced in 2014 with 20 beneficiaries in 7 villages of Debarwa Sub-zone.

The farmer has registered extra-ordinary scores in all the success indications like milk yield, milking days, age at first calving, calving frequency, concept charge of the cows, the proportion of milk sold, the share of lactating cows and etc. During the onset of the mission in 2014, Mr. Abraham used to be presented with an in-calf heifer which calved soon after.

Pertaining to the contract of the project, the correct excellent heifer was surpassed on to another beneficiary. The heifer gave beginning to a lady calf which in turn grew to the point of being transferred as a mature heifer to every other new beneficiary in every other village. Mr. Abraham’s herd dimension has increased from one in-calf heifer in 2014 to six heads in 2020 except counting the passed-on heifer and the bull sold.