Retiring US Ambassador to Ethiopia calls for an independent investigation in Tigray region

The active US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Michael Raynor, required an autonomous examination in the Tigray territorial state. 

Getting one more authority to guarantee the presence of Eritrean powers in Tigray, the minister expressed: “we keep on being upset by the exercises of Eritrean entertainers in the area”. 

Alluding to the circumstance in Tigray, Raynor stated, after very nearly three months, “we are as yet not seeing enough helpful help arrive at the most weak territories.” 

The Ambassador further approached all gatherings to stop any threats, guarantee the assurance of all regular folks in Tigray including evacuees and helpful laborers; and maintain worldwide basic liberties and compassionate laws. 

Envoy Raynor will make a trip back to the US on Saturday in the wake of finishing more than three years of residency in Ethiopia.