Renton’s Rising Coffee Star Boona Boona Is Coming to Capitol Hill

Renton’s Boona — a growing two-year old bistro and roastery — will before long presentation its first Seattle area in the area. 

The shop will be situated at 1223 Cherry Street, supplanting the Cherry Street Coffee House, and means to open eventually this spring. 

Boona originator Efrem Fesaha has sharpened his vision for the business over the recent years. 

He before long started sourcing and selling green espresso from Ethiopia and, in 2018, opened up the enormous Renton spot, which not just turned into a well known submit for made-to-request coffee and lattes, yet in addition a social event space for nearby performers and craftsmen before the pandemic. 

The retail activity has since extended, and Shoreline’s new bistro Black Coffee Northwest serves the shop’s items. 

Boona’s Seattle spot is a major advance for the youthful business, and the arrangement is to make it as a very remarkable local area center as the Renton station, with an eye on getting sorted out live melodic exhibitions, when permitted, maybe in any event, using the close by city park. Fesaha says the menu will remain to a great extent the equivalent, presenting occasional beverages , and he desires to help the food menu through joint efforts with nearby organizations from underestimated networks. 

Having grown up not a long way from the Cherry Street spot where the new bistro will be found, Fesaha is additionally feeling a rush of wistfulness as he concludes subtleties for the shop.