Reasons Kenyans should care about Ethiopia conflict

Over the most recent thirty years alone, the area has seen the fall of the Derg system in Ethiopia drove by the tyrant Mengistu Haile Mariam, the rise of Eritrea as another country parceled from Ethiopia, the breakdown of the Somali republic and specialist mass populace dislodging, common difficulty and weakness. 

Ethiopia is an anchor state for the United States and progressively China and this has been viewed as an underwriter of harmony and solidness in the Horn of Africa. 

The uplifted political pressures among Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan on the structure of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has prompted loaded nerves in the district, with Khartoum and Cairo agonizing over their verifiable portion of the Nile waters. 

While the two chiefs were close at an individual level apparently, Kenya and Ethiopia have had long-standing shared protection agreements from as ahead of schedule as 1969. This was to contain neighboring Somalia’s regional cases to the Somali overwhelmed areas of the Ogaden in Ethiopia and the previous Northern Frontier District in Kenya, from which Northeastern Province was bended at Independence. 

As the second biggest nation in Africa after Nigeria — with a populace of more than 100 million — Ethiopia is an immense homegrown market and Kenya looks to its northern neighbor as a generally undiscovered market for its products and enterprises. 

It will likewise interface southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya, a region that has undiscovered financial potential as a little something extra. 

Ethiopia has an outsized strategic status among African states as one of the solitary two uncolonised nations in Africa , a wellspring of pride for the landmass, the seat of the AU, and fights at a surprisingly high level in mainland matters, particularly in the IGAD locale. 

Kenyans should give more consideration to what in particular’s going on in Ethiopia and the likely outcomes of instability in our northern neighbor.