Rahwa Habte, Seattle community organizer and cultural innovator, who dies at 42 memorial march to the ballot box

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 Hints of cheering rose from the group as individuals arranged to drop their polling forms into the voting booth by Garfield Community Center on Saturday, October 24. A gathering of around 100 individuals had walked from Pratt Fine Arts Center close to twentieth and Jackson to the voting station on 23rd and Cherry to respect the memory of Rahwa Habte, a network coordinator and a furious supporter of elector rights.

The gathering previously accumulated at Pratt before a Rahwa remembrance to drink an Eritrean stately mug of espresso and hear a couple of words from Rahwa’s family.

 About 33% of the group were kids celebrating with their folks the hard-won ideal for each American to cast a ballot.

 As the group at that point advanced cheerfully down 23rd Avenue, individuals moved to the music of Big World Breaks, commending the life of Rahwa and her indefatigable work to support outsiders and exiles get their entitlement to cast a ballot.

 “Decisions were tremendous for Rahwa,” said Elisheba Johnson, one of the coordinators of the function.