President Trump is really Focused on Restricting Immigration.

As millions of Californians cast their ballots ahead of Nov. 3, many of the president’s strict immigration policies are on the minds of many — including the one out of every six registered voters in the state who are immigrants themselves.

Walking the streets of Oakland’s Chinatown, Naomi Means also said the president’s treatment of immigrants was a key factor in her vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

This is a country of immigrants anyway, and except for Native Americans, everybody else came from other parts of this earth.”

But for other naturalized citizens outside of deep-blue Oakland, immigration was not a top issue defining their votes.

“I understand that California is a blue state, but I believe that Trump has a better chance to lead our country to economic growth and safety and stand up to any dangers, whether from terrorist groups or from China,” said Elsherbini, 58.

 Elsherbini’s friend Muhammed Jawaid, also a Danville resident, said he voted for Trump in 2016. But this year, he cast his vote for Biden.

As a Muslim from Pakistan, Jawaid worries the president’s travel ban and rhetoric against non-white immigrants will lead to discrimination, including against his own family.