Preservation of Historical Sites

Records show that there are more than 700 antiquated structures possessed by people, government, and strict establishments in Keren city, those claimed by people have nearly lost their inventiveness, while those under government and strict organizations are in acceptable condition.

The top of the Culture and Sports branch in Anseba Region, Mr. Siraj Haj approached the general society to reinforce tries to appropriately protect and keep up memorable structures in Keren city.

Zeregaber Hidray, head of the Culture and Sports branch at the Anseba district Development demonstrated that solid checking and control of antiquated structures are being directed.

Mr. Siraj settled on the decision at a gathering led in Keren city on 25 September with the view to survey the cycle of exploration and documentation of antiquated structures in the city.

At the gathering wherein proficient individuals from Anseba Region development advancement, individuals from the Commission of Culture and Sports, a region of Keren, National Cartography and Information Center just as Asmara Heritage Project participated, it was expressed that the cycle of exploration and documentation of old structures has been in progress throughout the previous 1 year and 7 months and that interview has been made with concerned government organizations on the cycle of information gathering.