Popular protest and union of candidates call on the federal government to reveal the fate of soldiers sent to Eritrea for training

The resistance Presidential Candidates’ Union talked about the contention over somali officers shipped off Eritrea for preparing, however some were purportedly slaughtered in battling between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray Liberation Front in northern Ethiopia. Association representative Radwan Hirsi Mohamed noticed their disappointment that moms who didn’t have a clue about the destiny of their youngsters had communicated their sentiments that they were politically propelled. 

Hirsi added that the clergyman of data in the central government couldn’t answer when inquired as to whether there were officers sent by the government to Eritrea, raising questions about the moms of those warriors. 

A representative for the Candidates’ Union approached President Mohamed Abdullahi Vermajo to talk on the issue, taking note of that the national government ought to unveil the realities encompassing the officers shipped off Eritrea. 

Then, the city of Galgio, the focal point of focal Somalia’s Mdg locale, today saw mainstream fights, approaching ladies, youngsters and kids who partook in the fights and who put a match to vehicles on the city’s streets to localize officers sent home to Eritrea after some of them were accounted for lykilled in battling in northern Ethiopia. 

Two days prior, the Somali government’s data served denied reports that Somali soldiers were engaged with battling in northern Ethiopia’s Tigray region, yet declined to remark on sending Somali officers to Eritrea for preparation. 

The case made a significant humiliation to the Somali government, which, despite the fact that it prevented the association from getting its powers in the continuous battle in Ethiopia, neglected to persuade the groups of the officers who requested that the destiny of their youngsters be uncovered and permitted to reach them for consolation.