Pastor Blok demands explanation from Eritrea about dubious raising money

Priest Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs requested an explanation from Eritrea on Saturday about a rising support by the international safe haven office of the nation, a clergyman tells the news organization ANP now in the wake of revealing the radio program Argos. 

As per Argos the Eritrean consulate office in The Hague utilizes intimidation to fund-raise among Eritreans in the Netherlands. They were approached to give in any event 100 euros regarding the crown emergency. 

Eritrea has been requesting cash from individual compatriots living abroad for quite a long time. It concerns the purported diaspora charge. This assessment can’t be restricted, however as indicated by the United Nations (UN), the duty is regularly dependent upon terrorizing and intimidation. Move can be made if Eritreans report that they have been compelled to pay. 

Blok calls it “exceptionally stressing” that there are again reports of the constrained assortment of cash by Eritrean ambassadors. The pastor requires a clarification from the international safe haven office. He additionally says that he can’t preclude further activities. 

In 2018, previous Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra requested that Eritrea’s most elevated conciliatory agent, Tekeste Ghebremedhin Zemuy, leave the Netherlands, as the consulate proceeded to persuasively gather cash from the diaspora. He was named persona non grata. The House of Representatives likewise requested that the international safe haven office be shut, yet the bureau didn’t consent to this at that point. 

Clergyman Blok approaches casualties of the raising money to record a report with the goal that the Public Prosecution Service (OM) can explore the case.