Our Flag is priceless Symbol of our nation.

Each country is spoken to by, among other public images, a banner. 

It has been said that ‘A nation begins from a name and a banner, and it at that point becomes them, similarly as a man satisfies his fate.’ As a public image, a banner assumes a urgent function in country building. It is an instrument of learning through which residents append themselves to the past and fate of their nation. 

It is gained through learning. The promise of devotion to the banner that is done each early daytime during the raising of the public banner at schools in Eritrea is one method of finding out about public personality. 

The public banner and public hymn are images of a country’s power and nobility and articulations of its enthusiastic soul. 

The Eritrean public banner speaks to the set of experiences and desires of the individuals of Eritrea, and it is the most noteworthy image of public pride. 

During the raising and bringing down of the banner individuals show their regard and reliability to the banner by stopping, confronting the banner, and eliminating anything covering their head. 

During public festivals the banner flies in each road. The public banner of Eritrea has likewise a significant spot in social and social occasions like marriage and memorial service administrations. 

As indicated by the Pew Research Center, 33% of the 193 part conditions of the United Nations have public banners which incorporate strict images. 

The Eritrean public banner joins the set of experiences, conviction, goals and longing of every Eritrean individual.