Operation Fenkil at its 31st Anniversary

The introduction to Operation Fenkil was the death of the Nadow Command in 1988 in Alphabet. After the end of the Nadew order, the breakdown of the Ethiopian armed force in Operation Fenkil was another essential defining moment throughout the entire existence of the equipped battle. 

Each Eritrean who went to Massawa probably visited the tank landmark set up at Tualet. The three tanks remain as a remembrance to the weighty penance that was paid during the freedom of Massawa. 

Three tanks, named Jaguar, Tiger, and officer, from the Mechanized unit of the EPLF were prepared for the attack. One of the tanks that were hit by the foe at the occasion was the tank known by the name Commander No.1, presently remaining at the tank landmark at Tualet. 

Authority No.1 was caught from the foe in late 1977 at a skirmish of the Southern Front around Selae Daero while Asmara was put under attack by political dissidents. 

It was named Commander because it had an alternate radio correspondence framework intended for the administrator of a tank unit. 

Administrator No.1 was taken to Sahel in the last period of the essential withdrawal in late 1978. She took an interest in a fight unexpectedly during the third hostile assaults of the Dergue at the clash of Alguien, in February 1979. At that point she participated in the 6th and seventh offensives of the Dergue in 1982 and 1983 along the North-Eastern Front of Sahel. 

Leader No.1 took an interest in the attack carried on Barentu in 1985. At this fight, she penetrated an adversary’s protected vehicle and in another occasion, she halted another foe reinforced vehicle by uncovering its lodge. 

In February 1990, Commander No.1 set off from the Eastern front, where she was situated around Shiib, and walked towards Massawa.