Number of refugees living in Germany drops for the first time in nine years

The number of refugees and asylum-seekers living in Germany has fallen for the first time in nine years, according to newly released government figures. 77 million refugees and asylum-seekers were living in Germany 62,000 fewer than at the end of last year, reported. It continued to rise in the years following 2015’s influx, albeit at a slower rate. It also includes asylum-seekers whose temporary permission to stay in Germany has expired or been withdrawn. A “significant number” of those affected have already left Germany, the ministry said. The new figures emerged in a written answer to a parliamentary question from the opposition Left Party, which responded by accusing Merkel’s government of not doing enough to help refugees.”We have space, the figures show it. Germany announced last month that it will take in 1,500 refugees from camps in Greece in the wake of the fires which devastated Moria camp on Lesbos.