Naqa, Abadi Zmo and a number of their comrades swam in the hands of the Federal Army!

The Ethiopian specialists intentionally indicated the profound dad of the Front for the Liberation of the People of Reading in a hopeless and regrettable way that isn’t similar with the year and the long battle of its Ethiopian individuals as a rule and the individuals of their domain specifically. 

Also, various different authorities in the region of their perusing are in a hopeless state, not equivalent with their positions and their freedom battle, the same number of eyewitnesses have communicated. 

Web-based media destinations have burst into flames between allies of the strategy and dismissed it and every one of them made their contentions, without concealing a portion of his recuperation and tattoos due to the circumstance of the Front for the Liberation of the People of Readai. 

to give the information on the capture of “Swamt Naqa” cuffed, and in a circumstance that doesn’t regard his mankind, nor his high level age, sends a negative message with respect to the assurance of the states of equity towards the deceas” He might be blamed for taking an interest in many “wrongdoings”, which is up to the legal executive, yet to introduce thusly, it recommends a feeling of vengeance, just as sending unfortunate messages to the individuals who consider handing themselves over from the heads of the Wiyani, just as adding to the negative sensations of an enormous number of the tawaraouis who consider him to be the pioneer of their battle.” 

“It is terrible to see these individuals in this hopeless circumstance, genuine that they committed lethal errors against the position, and regardless of how we can’t help contradicting them, we don’t reject that they were assailants who came to control through an unpleasant battle,” he said. 

“Two pictures will hugy affect the eventual fate of Ethiopia,” said a Sudanese columnist who follows the circumstance of the Horn of Africa in Arub and Tsabe specifically