Mr. Mohamed Abdelsalam BABIKER special Rapporteur for Human Rights in The State of Eritrea.

The international legal expert confirmed that he had applied for a position “through self-nomination, and he was selected from among(16) candidates for this position”. According to the Sudanese newspaper “Al-Change”, “Professor Muhammad Abdel-Salam Al-Azraq added,” The position is for one year, renewable for a period of (5) years, “according to the same source.

It is decided that Prof Abd Al salam will take over the position to succeed Daniel Kravez, whose term ends in December.

The Secretary-General of United Nations, Antonio Guterres, had chosen him as an advisor with the international team of experts at the UN Security Council, on the sanctions related to Eritrea and Somalia. He also worked as a legal advisor in the United Nations and African Union Mission within the Darfur Peace Agreement enforcement teams, and the United Nations Mission for the Comprehensive Peace Agreement for Southern Sudan. Abd al-salam also held a previous position in the United Nations as a member of the committee of the United Nations Mission to Monitor Arms Export to Eritrea and Somalia

Alazrik also worked as part of the UN team that worked on investigating the stalemate of Djibouti prisoners and those who were captured in the Eritrean-Djiboutian border conflict, and Asmara denies their existence. Note that Asmara did not welcome all the committees of the United Nations, which means that it will also refuse to receive Dr. Mohamed Abdel Salam, especially as it is closely related to all human rights files in Eritrea.

Adulis mentioned earlier that Lazarus is the most fortunate to occupy the position because he is aware of the files of the human rights diaries in Eritrea and the Horn of Africa.

Moreover, a number of those interested in the file of the century welcomed human rights in Eritrea and expressed their hope to push this file forward. Colleague Youssef Bolesi considered to “Adulis” the election “happy news for all the Eritrean militants who have been knocking on the doors of an international forum in search of a supporter for their cases and to contribute to them” The suffering of their people from the brunt of dictatorial rule, considering that the new decision is a fierce defender of human rights in various parts of the world and has shown his competence in exposing oppressive regimes by assuming various positions in international forums, as he put it.