Melbourne celebrates martyrs Edanom, Hassari and Tauri

In the midst of the security measures and just the guidelines of the State Government of Victoria, the Australian domain of the National Council for Democratic Change coordinated a dedication administration for the assailants in the burial place of Mariam, Adam Hasseri and Mahmoud Touare on Saturday night, within the sight of an expected number of Eritreans in the state capital of Victoria. 

The head of the Eritrean Democratic Party, Haji Abdel Nour, some of the perished mouths, the burial chamber of Mariam, his effortlessness and the strength of his character, tended to the severe public places that were communicated by Adhanom, as he addressed the memoir of Adam Hassari and his public job, which was brought into the world in Al-Qadarif in sudan. 

The President of the Territory of Australia of the National Council for Change, Mohammed Ali Shaab, commended the battle of the three saints and their partners, focusing on the job of the National Council as an umbrella that incorporates all shades of the Eritrean political range. 

At Burhan Istvanus, the main framework of the Organization of the Eritrean Unity for Change talked about the saints Adam Hassari and the obliteration of the burial chamber of Mariam and Hamid Toray, their job and their age, whose commitment and dedication to the snapshot of their demise were various. 

The dedication administration was directed by Abdullah Jama and helped by Burhan Ismail Jaber, and the artist Toledi Kidani conveyed a sonnet of the variety of the burial place of Mariam, and an exceptional segment of Adhanom’s suppositions was shown in a review with different Eritrean media.