Massawa & Fenkil Operation

In the rear of your brain, something continues to advise you to hear the extraordinary history behind the Fenkil celebration, which is named after the military activity that achieved the freedom of Massawa, regardless of whether you have heard it so often previously. 

This is a little piece of the incredible history of the port city of Massawa and Fenkil. 

Yet, it saw extreme fights that made obliteration its kin, structures, and other framework before its freedom in 1990. At the main skirmish of Massawa, which occurred from 1977 to 1978, the port was blockaded by the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front however was not freed. 

Nonetheless, in the second clash of Massawa, which occurred in 1990 both ashore and ocean, the city was freed. 

Before the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, the recognition of the Fenkil Operation was beautifully celebrated in Massawa and gone to by such countless Eritreans from everywhere the country and abroad who go to Massawa to give proper respect to the fallen saints. 

The sea shore is one of the primary public sporting spots in Massawa, and the equivalent is valid for the Fenkil celebration. 

The tanks, named Tiger, Commander, and Jaguar, assumed a vital part in the freedom of Massawa and have now been deified by standing tall in the square and heaving water through their barrels rather than bombs. 

As we probably are aware, because of the pandemic, as other public occasions, the recognition of Fenkil Operation, which denotes the freedom of Massawa and from various perspectives determined the beginning of Eritrea’s freedom, may not be commended with flourish.